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LED system


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Wasn't sure if this should go here or DIY, but oh well...


I'm very new to all of this, and in the process of building a custom LED setup to go over my 20L. I'm building a custom hood and control system, and these will be fitted inside.


For the lighting, I ordered the following from StevesLED:


3x 3 Watt True Violet

2x 3up anti-disco TriStar with 1 Cyan, 1 Deep Red, and 1 Cool Blue

4x 3up Tristar (wired separately) configured with 2 5,000K White and 1 royal blue


As I was laying things out on my heatsink, I realized I messed up. I meant to order the 4 stars with 1 5,000K White and 2 royal blue. -_-


I'm very new to LEDs, and I'm not sure what this means for my lighting system as a whole. What do you guys think? Do I need to add blue? Should I just trash those and order the correct stars? Is it usable as is?


Oh, the headaches...

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You could just order 4 more separate royal blues and then when you wire it all up, don't wire up 4 of the 5000k whites. That will give you the 2 rb to 1 w ratio that you originally wanted. There's no reason to trash those 3ups.


Or use it as is; it just wont be as blue as you may like.

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