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API Stress Zyme


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Ok, so I have had my nano tank set up with live rock for a total of 4 days now and the ammonia is still only at 0.25, the pH is only at 8.0 and the nitrate and nitrite have not moved. I know it can take 4-6 weeks for the biological process where ammonia, nitrite and nitrate rise and fall back to zero to occur, but API Stress Zyme is suppose to speed up the process. Is it safe to use? Or should I just wait the month and a half for the natural process to work itself out? Also at what point can I add snails to help out in the tank? Will snails help to raise the pH?

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Why do you want to raise you pH?


Stress-zyme will do nothing for your cycle. Either get some Dr. Tim's One and Only or just wait it out. I wouldn't even bother testing for a couple of weeks.


Add your cleanup crew when you see the diatom bloom. Reefcleaners has the best deal you'll find, I wouldn't bother with snails you'd normally get at an LFS, which usually include only turbos and the like.

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