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I have set up a JBJ 28 Nano with the 89 watt LED's. I wanted a very small yellow tang and the fellow I have bought some of my corals from told me my tank was way to small for a yellow tang but if I really wanted a tang he suggested a very small kole tang which I liked and is now in my tank and seems quite content. I know I should have done this earlier but I did a little research on the Kole and now I feel like a criminal for having him in my tank after reading all the comments. I don't know how I would get him out now but I feel horrible. What can I do?

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If you get a clear piece of tupperware, the fish can't really see it once it's under water. You can usually use it to trap them inside up against the glass. If that doesn't work, you'll have to remove the rocks to get him with a net. It's better to pull all your rocks out now, rather than having to do it later once they have corals on them.

To late on the corals, that's the problem. This was an extablished tank that I purchased and moved to my home. I do like the clear tupperware idea though.


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The do sell fish traps that you can use to nab him. At the LFS that I work at we had a teeny little cleaner wrasse decide he wanted to eat all the euphillia in the 400g display system. The trap took a few days, but it worked.


Also, depending on how voracious of an eater he is, you can even hook him. Buy fly fishing hooks (they're TINY) and use a piece of sand paper to take off the barb on the back of it that would lock it into the fishes mouth and injure it on removal. Bait it with a mysis shrimp, and wait... :eek:

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Multi-purpose funnel traps are pretty easy to make. I've used them to catch all sorts of things. Just cut the top off of a plastic bottle, turn in around and stuff it back inside the base of the bottle. It makes a pretty effective and essentially free fish trap. Put some stone in there to weight it and toss in something tasty. Sit back and wait.

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