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Coral Vue Hydros

Let me guess.....(salinity testing related)


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cheap hydrometers aren't worth much. Maybe I'm wrong - but I'm only four weeks in and it's giving me readings that I don't believe are accurate, plus they fluctuate if I tap it (and no bubbles are floating off). So am I doing it wrong or was my first mistake buying the cheapest thing available?


In the beginning my tank was around 1.023, now I'm seeing it rise to 1.026-1.027. I've only been adding fresh RO water due to loss via evaporation so it shouldn't be going up. Oh wait, other factors. Think I'll reread that section.

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Yay, that's the answer. I didn't want to give the spouse a heart attack when I bought the start up gear initially and so......but I figure there's some other folks who can relate.

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I've never had good luck with swing arm hydrometers. I did use the glass bob up and down ones with luck for a long, long time...



But now I got a refractometer. VERY worth it

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