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Stock list for a BC29


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Hey nano guys!


I'm new to the forum but not to reef keeping. I've had an 85 gallon since 2008 which I recently tore down due to a moving to a new apartment. I ended up donating my fish to a LFS where they promised a safe, permanent home in a 1200 gallon rock pool.


One of the fish that I just couldn't bear to part with was a little blue dot toby, whom I geniusly named...Toby.


Here's the little guy



Since I didn't want to be without a tank, but didn't want the maintenance of a large tank (why I gave up my fish to a bigger home) I managed to acquire a Biocube 29, something I've admittedly been wanting for quite some time.


I goes without saying Toby has to be in the cube. He's 4 years old and 3" long. I doubt that he will grow any more and since he's a relatively inactive swimmer I'm hoping he'll be fine in the BC.


I was hoping to add a fish or 3 to help fill out the tank a bit and I was hoping for some opinions from you guys who are more experience with little tanks than I am.


Here's my proposed stocklist:


A clown fish (a perc. or occ.)

A tailspot blenny


And one more active fish


I would love to have a McCosker's wrasse but I'm worried that it won't have enough room.


If a McCosker's is a no go, I was thinking maybe a Royal Gramma.


What do you guys think about that list?

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So you see no issues with that list?


He is kind of a messy little guy. I tend to feed NLS as the primary diet (like 90% ish) so there is some accounting for a cleaner diet (i.e. he's not tearing the crap out of half shell mussels except in "treat" circumstances).


On an unrelated note, I enjoy you stance on punishment for anti-evolutionists.

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The wrasse you asked about is a Malanurus. They are very active swimmers and IMO get to big for a 29g. Remeber that some of your space is taken by the back chambers. Look up Pinstripe Wrasse. They are very similar in color and shape.

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I sent him a PM regarding a separate post.


That was a melanurus huh? I've never seen one that looked quite so streamlined. I assumed it was a related Halichoeres sp. Is is a juvy?


I'll give the pinstripe a search. Do you have a Genus/species to help me narrow the search a bit.

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Very cool fish. I think the bioload could be ok, but you may find that 3 fish total is plenty for the tank volume. I would stock it over a period of months if you're just setting the tank up. You should be able to get an idea of what the tank can support if you add slowly and keep an eye on your NO3 and PO4.

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I take things pretty slow in this hobby. I doubt I would buy another fish for a few months, let alone stocking it completely in that time frame. I'll probably settle on 3 for a while and monitor levels and the fishes' behavior to determine if a 4th can be added.


Most likely I would add Toby, a blenny, and then a TBD species. If all was well with nutrient levels and aggression was non-existent I will consider a 4th.


I just like to get some frame of reference for what I'm able to do in terms of maximum capabilities.

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