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Experience with Seaweed Blenny?


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I am considering adding a seaweed blenny to my 14 gallon tank. Currently, I have a pair of sexies, 1 trimma, and 1 ocellaris -- corals are all softies or lps. I am not concerned about the coral but am curious about the hh-life, especially the feather dusters. Should the blenny choose to eat worms, it can have all the bristle worms it likes, but I wouldn't like to sacrifice my feathers. Does anyone have any experience keeping these?

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Latin name?

Parablennius marmoreus, Wikipedia entry or Florida Museum of Natural History entry . The various descriptions all include "polychaetes" as a food source, but don't really specify which worms are food or if the diet changes as the blenny matures. The lfs has really neat ones between 1-1.5" and the adult size is around 3.5" (claims on the web vary from 3.5 - 4.7). My assumption would be the larger the blenny, the larger the potential prey. However, if I am feeding a steady omnivorous diet that will include both meat/algae, then perhaps -- like sexy shrimp -- it wouldn't find the rest of the tank a food source. That is why I am wondering if anyone has experience with the fish!

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