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Zoa/paly care


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So I've been having trouble keeping zoas and palys in my 2 gallon pico. Everything else does fine...all my inverts, acans, softies, mini maxi anemone, etc. I got two zoa frags initially that looked amazing in the store. One I placed all the way at the bottom of the tank and one slightly higher up. The one that was at the bottom was having bad polyp extension and not looking so hot, so I moved it up a bit where it proceeded to just melt away. The other one has had about 50% die off but is still plugging along at this point. The other day I bought a paly frag with two heads. It's not doing terrible, but it's not open as much as I'd expect and doesn't look as good as it did in the store.


I run the stock return pump along with a mini jet powerhead. All parameters are perfect and salinity is around 1.025 at all times. Again, haven't seen any major issues with any other coral and livestock. Zoas are supposed to be hardy...what gives? I can provide pics of the corals' locations in the tank if need be. Any advice would be incredible!



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Rumor has it zoas like dirtier water... Maybe your water is too clean?




My water is crystal clear and changed about 50% every weekend. Although I do let algae build up on the glass over the week. I clean one side a day. I have incredible zoa growth.

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A pico tank with too clean of water...who'd'a thunk it? I guess the chaeto is doing its job too well. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and give SPS a try.

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LOL, zoas are supposed to be "beginner" corals. I love em, but I have had my troubles as well. Can't really give you a for sure fix answer, but in addition to what Miss Wheetabix says, (she's the queen). check your alk level too. I was adviced to raise mine above 7.5 and above. I did and now mine look much better.

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