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Something going wrong with my favia?


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Water parameters:

sg 1.025

78 degrees

calc 440 ppm

KH 179pph

PO4 = 0

Nitrate = 5-10 (hard to tell which color, exactly)

20L tank

I use RO/DI water


Lighting: 1x 150w Metal Halide


Flow: Aqueon 20 (or 30, can't remember), 2x Koralia Nanos


Livestock: Flame Angel, 2x blackmouth damsels (see pics), tiger pistol shrimp, peppermint shrimp, standard CuC of hermits, margaritas, turbos, and neriths. I should probably drop one of the fish... take it to LFS or put it in another tank.


When I bought this frag it was a bright neon green. It's lost a lot of it's pop which is only natural because the LFS had much better lights than mine, but it seems to be growing red/purple nodules. I don't know if this is a sign of disease, something nipping at it, generally being unwell, or if it's normal.


Other possible issues: poor placement, old bulb, old RO/DI filters.




Come to think of it... my zoas don't look too happy either...


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