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Skkye LED Problems


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Hey everyone.

The last 2 days my Skkye LED 30W has been acting up. The moonlights and white are on separate plugs, and the blues/moonlights work fine.


However the whites are turning on and off on their own. I'll unplug/replug and they won't turn on, but then about an hour later they'll pop on, then a few hours later they'll turn off...


I'm not sure if it's electrical or what? They lights are only 6-7 months old, bought new.


Also, today, the fan inside the light won't work either...


Any ideas? I think they're too new to be having issues, so can it just be electrical or something?



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Just an FYI, in the last hour they've clicked on and off 3 times...


Maybe it's heat? If the fan isn't working, the leds may be overheating. Would explain why they turn off.


Well up until today the fan worked.

Do you know if fixing something like the fan is difficult?

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Sounds like a short, if it's still under warranty call them up and see what the company can do for you. Hopefully they're understanding to your predicament and will be willing to work with you.

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