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Missing Watchman Goby - Should I purchase a pistol shrimp?


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I have a 29 gallon biocube. I purchased a yellow watchman goby probably about two to three months ago. I haven't seen him since I the day I placed him in my tank :(. Not for feedings or anything. At the time he was introduced I had a true percula clown and a royal gramma. He hasn't jumped out of the tank and I do not see him in the back compartments. I haven't moved any of the rock work. I know that the watchmans can go missing for months, and I still have hope that he is just hiding out somewher. I have a couple of questions for you:


1. Do you think he's still alive?

2. If so, should I purchase a pistol shimp in the hopes that it brings him out of hiding?



He is so dang cute, I just hope he's still alive and that I can enjoy him.


Thanks, for your help.

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IME pistol shrimps bring them out more. I put one in my 10g and he hid under a rock for a week before feeling safe enough to poke his head out of the hole until someone came up to the tank. After adding the pistol shrimp a couple weeks later, the goby is now fully out every day, and is no longer skittish. The only thing you have to take into account is that it may take a while before the two find each other. In my case they found each other instantly, but I've heard many stories of the goby and shrimp sometimes taking weeks to find each other. But in any case, once they do pair up, they make an incredibly interesting addition to the tank.

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I doubt he's still alive. They are very good at hiding, but most likely you would have seen him or at least part of him in that timeframe in a tank that size. If this was like a 90, then I could possibly believe he was still ok, but it doesn't seem likely he is still around.

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