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Hitch Hiker ID


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Nudibranchs typically take on the color of what they eat so colorful nudibranch....


There could be more. Also, there could be eggs.

+1. They can be prolific. Stay vigilant. Egg masses are spiral/circular.

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I saw my first Zoa eating nudibranch at the LFS the other day. I was admiring a nice baseball sized rock that was covered in many really nice zoas. Then I noticed one of the zoas move. I watched carefully and it moved again. On closer inspection it was a zoa eating nudibranch. It was amazing how well it blended with the zoas. It was exactly the same color as the zoa skirts. I mentioned it to the guy working there and he pulled it out and put it in the bag. We got to see it up close and personal. Tiny little thing, and it's frilly body blends perfectly with the skirts of the zoas. I didn't buy that zoa rock...

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Thank you everyone... Then it's possible that I may be looking at more then one. I'll keep my eyes open. I've never seen him near my zoas but I'm not taking any chances.

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That thing is cool looking! I've had 4 nudis spring up in my tank and double in size this week -- but no where near as cool looking as yours (see below)! So far I've only seen them eat green hair algae . . . so they shall remain "under observation."



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I pulled another one that looked identical to this out today. 2 of my zoas have not been opening up - they were dipped when I put them in the tank. Time for another dip.

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