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Got me a Nudibranch, pretty sure its hungry for zoas


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as topic states, i found a nudibranch on one of my zoanthid colonies yesterday. It was in my 125 gallon tank, which contains a mix of hard and soft corals. About 3 weeks ago I added what survived from a Mr.Coral shipment, after a thorough CoralRX Dip. Before that it was a couple months since the last coral addition, so im pretty sure i know where it came from. As soon as i saw the thing i broke loose the small crop of zoas he was on, and rushed them over to my shallow frag tank; its empty besides live rock and snails. I got a pic of him on the zoas, and then two more since hes been on the side of the tank. There is only one rock in the tank that has a few zoas on it, so im pretty sure if he does not find his way back to that rock within a couple days, hes gonna start starving. Is there something wrong with me for not immediately flushing him? I think he looks kinda cool and if i can just occasionally throw a zoa or two into this tank for him then its a win win. Ive been checking all remaining zoas in the 125 gallon very thoroughly as I know the likelihood is that there are many more. if I find more than 1 or two in the big tank, ill start looking into FWE to rid them.







And a pic of the shallow tank he's quarantined in now


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Get rid of it before you regret it. Not fun when you start seeing almost microscopic ones appear all over your tank.


I once saw a sprig of cool macro algea on a small piece of LR I added. Wasn't sure what it was but it looked cool. For three years I fought that bryopsis outbreak and eventually broke down two tanks because of it. If only I had just taken that little piece of LR out when I first noticed it!

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I've done the same with bryopsis, but i didn't end up breaking tanks down for that reason. but this little guy looks cool, there's no reason you should flush him, I think he's cool looking and as long as he isn't in your main tank he shouldn't be a problem. In fact, I'm feeling inspired to make my 3g pico a nudi tank, I've got plenty of weedy zoas and these buggers look really cool.


Might have to put in a Mr.Coral order then....

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Any dip used will not kill the nudi eggs as they hatch out you will have to dip again.


At a frag demonstration a nudi was found and then the eggs. The person said he had battled them for a few years and thought he had gotten them all. It was the same color as the zoas.

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I have a pest tank, and would happily pay for shipping and packaging to me at 12945 if you'd be willing to forgo flushing the beast...





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