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These wrasses alright?


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I am stocking my 125 and was wanting to do a wrasse dominant tank. So far my stocking list includes 1 Blue & Yellow Hippo tang, 1 Bicolor Blenny, 1 Pyramid Butterfly, and 1 Bluespot Jawfish.


As for wrasses My list includes....

Cirrhilabrus Lineatus, Cirrhilabrus Jordani, Cirrhilabrus Rhomboidalis, Cirrhilabrus Laboutei, and possibly a Kwazulu Fairy. Any issues Dumping these all in together at the same time since there are no other wrasses in the tank? Should these all get along? Also, can I add 2 female flames and they will sort it out or is it important that I get 1 male and 1 female? Thanks for any input!

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Especially with C. jordani and rhomboidalis, your chances of success are actually better if you go with 2-3 females and let them sort it out. Terminal males just do not do well shipping and acclimating to captive life. The fairies will probably be alright, but that is a ton of fish to add at once, so I would really consider spacing it out. Look around on Reef Central and you'll see recommendations on how to add fairies to systems with existing ones.


The Blue Hippo will need a different home for the long run, though. The tank just isn't large enough when it gets to that 8-10" range, which it will.

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The Rhomboid's I believe are a deeper water wrasse and can do better under cooler temps (75-76). They do need some degree of acclimation. Feel free to ask Mike and Terry: http://richmondreefers.com/phpbb/viewtopic...?f=37&t=218


They are local (to me) reefers that have the majority of the fish on your list in their 300. They can be of great help with wrasse questions since they collect quite a few rare ones. They are on most of the sites out there and are more than willing to answer any questions.

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