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24 Watt 6500K how long are they good for?


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i bought a used 12 gallon jbj nano and wondering how long the bulbs are good for? do they go out of spectrum? i dont have the funds for led lightning yet but want to get the most out of what i have.


also if i should changed the bulbs is there a place or brand thats cheap or better then others ? thanks

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i dont know how long they have been run since i bought the tank used.. i am thinking of 6 hours aday run time for my lighting. looks like a new set is in order here so i know where i am starting from


can i use these? http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...fm?pcatid=13315

also whats the difference in the 50/50 and the 10,000s ?

If there the same length they should be fine. Thats a much better color ;)

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