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Vega lighting


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I am planning on upgrading my 29G to a 50 or 60 once I graduate from college this year, looking to get a nice light fixture. Still have lots of time to plan, I've been looking at vega lighting (I know it's super expensive, but am willing to pay big bucks for a quality fixture) just wondering if anyone has any experience/reviews of this unit, I've been impressed with the promotional videos I've watched. With the controller and the wireless program it looks like a sick setup. Any feedback would be much appreciated :)

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I have two vegas over a 90 thats cycling right now, and compared to what ive seen of the sols, the vegas are better, and i cant find a reason to go with the radions over these. i was going to get radions, but the 500$ i saved was worth it alone. the controller isnt as bad as that thread you linked made it seem,unless you feel like you have to move the controller more than six feet from where its plugged in. which you dont. ever.


what im saying is im happy with the vegas and dont regret buying them (so far).

just sayin

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I've had my Vega for just about a month. I am very pleased with the light and the growth and color of my coral, which is a mix of SPS and LPS. Colors are much more saturated and my Superman monti has its red back.

Only downside from what I have seen is the increase in Algae growth due to the red spectrum.

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I have a Vega over my Nuvo 16 and so far I like it a lot. Currently I only run the blues on it around 40% and the red and green around 7%. No idea if that is working for me. I'm still trying to figure out some of my coral deaths which are either because of fluctuations in calcium or mag or because the light was destroying them lol. It's hard to find any information on the Vega since it's so new so I'm kind of trial and error.


But overall its a sweet light and looks sick. Good color and the controller isn't that bad. Push buttons would have been much better than the buttons now which I feel are like heat sensitive or something because just holding my finger above it will click it sometimes and I think even once or twice from holding it. I cant figure out how to see cloud cover and stuff. The thunderstorms are cool and extremely bright when theres lightning.

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Get a maxspect razor instead. Full spectrum, More spread, more par, doesnt look like a brick, and doesnt have useless things like thunderstorms settings. It has a functional simple program. And best of all the most bang for your buck light

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Starts to get good around page 5, but I read through the whole thing. I was excited about Vega for about 15 minutes. :mellow:



most of those problem are just people who need directions for everything which AI does not provide >_< they do however offer pdf's and firmware updates online that address mostly everything people are complaining about


I am going to buy a vega, just waiting for them to have customizable pucks from purchase which should be soon

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