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snail with ich!


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so I have a situation here, I can either buy a tonga fighting conch for $7.99 from a store that i know their water has ich or buy from the next place, being blue zoo and pay $14 for it.


here is my question, can a snail carry ich or introduce ich into my tank?


if it can't than its worth paying $7.99 if it can i'd rather go with the other location.

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A snail can't catch Ich, but neither can sand or water. However, it might be possible that eggs, larvae, or actual parasite could be transferred. I wouldn't buy anything from a tank with Ich. Personally, I'd pay the extra few dollars.

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i think thats the route ima take.


have you had a fighting conch? are they really useful ?


NOt sure if i should get one since i will have 5 tonga nassarius snails and 3 small nassarious snails

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by tonga i meant tonga nassarius not hte fighting conch tonga.


why only 1 if you mean the tonga nassarius? I read they are great.


1 reason why i am kind of itching to get the tonga conch is bc the place i am goign to get these guys tomorrow is about 30 miles away so i dont want to make another trip for 1 thing in the future but might make sense since my SB isnt taht much mature if at all.

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Yeah I'd probably only do one Tonga Nassarius in a 40B. Same for the Fighting Conch. Both will be competing for food in the same territory. The reason I say wait, is that they will feed off of the fauna in your substrate (and you haven't allowed these populations to spread). It's only 30 miles away, so you'll be back.

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Psshhh, I drive more than 30 miles to work each day. One way. The people in the store shouldn't even be selling from an infested tank. I know we don't.

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