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Anna's Nuvo 8


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September 2012


  • Innovative Marine 8 Gallon Nuvo
  • BoostLED PAR30 (2 RB, 1 B, 1CW, 1 NW)
  • Marineland Mini-Jet 606
  • Aqueon 50w Heater
  • Spin Stream Return Nozzle
  • Purigen


  • Ocellaris Clownfish
  • Zebra Porcelain Crab
  • Reefcleaners.org 10g CUC

Soft Corals

  • Green Striped Mushroom
  • Superman Mushroom
  • Radioactive Dragoneye Zoas
  • Eye of Ra Zoas
  • Other Misc Zoas
  • Clove Polyps


  • Frogspawn
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So far I really like this tank. I think it looks very sleek!


The light is sufficient for soft corals, and while my LPS are doing okay I definetly plan to upgrade soon. I'm thinking the PAR38 Full Spectrum from LEDtric. I also replaced the stock pump with a Marineland Mini-Jet 606. The stock pump has a max of 96gph, I have the Mini-Jet on full power at 160gph. This has helped the flow a lot and lets me keep from putting anything in the tank for more flow.


My YCG happily eats frozen, and is doing well, although I've had to pull him out of the rear chambers a few times. I tried blocking the holes with a filter sponge, but it makes the water level too high. So I'm trying to figure out someway to attach netting on the backside of the teeth so he can't get through but water can still freely flow.


Pic Dump:















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Looks great. Love the zoo's and mushroom.


Setting up a similar tank myself at the moment.



Nice! Your corals and fishy look so healthy!


Thanks guys! :happy:

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Well after much research I decided that I'd upgrade from the 8w Skkye light to a BoostLED PAR30! I went with 2 Royal Blue, 1 Blue, 1 Cool White and 1 Neutral White. I'm so happy with the way it looks so far!




Here's how it looks on my desk.





I've upgraded most of the things I want to in this tank (pump, lighting, filtration) but I still have some plans. The frogspawn I put in there is doing pretty well, so I think the IM light could have supported some LPS, but I really like this new PAR30 bulb. I have lots of livestock plans! I'm hoping to do a fancy zoa tank with this one once my hornets and rastas grow a bit in my 40. I'm also thinking some clove polyp variants and neat looking mushrooms. I'd like to see if the light can support SPS, but I don't trust my YCG :P


I also desperately need some coral glue before I can take a real updated FTS :mellow:

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