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Cadlights Multi-Chip LED any good?


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Wondering about this myself. Seriously considering ordering the 12g, but LED-speak confuses me.


From that link:


" The new Dual banded LED system gives you an impressive light output of 142 PAR at 4" and 72 PAR at middle height of the tank. Stylish super slim LED light at only .5" thick gives you the ability to keep a wide range of corals. The 12G has a unique ability to double up the lighting by easily adding another fixture right next to it. Seamlessly clamps on the back of the tank and elegantly hangs above the tank."

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I had the cadlights 8g with the stock light. It looks good and would grow some corals, but not much. It also flickered a lot.


I would not hesitate to get a cadlights tank again. But, I would call in and order it completely bare and add my own equipment. I was not impressed with the light or the pump it comes with.

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