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How to get of Red Slime Algae


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you'll need to starve it out. Manually remove whatever you can. Do lots of water changes, lower your phosphates, add more flow if you can. There are commercially available solutions like chemiclean but unless you figure out what the source is, it will just come back.


btw, posting some info on your system will help troubleshoot the cause. cyano could be caused by many different things as you can see from the list of "solutions". Can't give you a cause or a solution if you don't provide more info like what kind of water are you using? do you skim? do you have high phosphates? over feed? amount of flow? etc.

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just dealt with some. I used a brush to brush it off while siphoning it out. Then a massive wc, >80%. Then a 72 hour period of actinic only. Also feeding less. Hasn't come back... Yet.

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