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My 12x12x12


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I think it's time I started my own thread here. I've been lurking for so long and owe this site and it's members a lot of thank yous for helping me along.


Like most, I started with freshwater then got introduced to nano tanks by a friend and fellow freshwater keeper. We were going to start up together. I started a little big with a 20G and eventually went the opposite direction of a nano by adding sump with wet/dry filtration, halides, skimmer, etc. I then had a 75G, 29G biocube, 8G biocube, 40G breeder with 20G sump then back to a regular 20G. They were all pretty decent and all pretty fun, but I never really went all out and outfitted them with tons beautiful corals like origionally planned. Mailny just rock and I was NEVER happy with the way they looked no matter how many hours I spent stacking them on top of each other :lol:


So I had an 11" Corallife T5 laying around and I had my local store order me a rimless 12x12x12. This is gonna be it. I set up the rock, dumped in some sand, and I'm actually really happy with it! It's gonna be a simple one.


Here's how it sits now:





12x12x12 from Deep Blue

75W Ebo-Jager heater

Koralia Nano 425

Coralife 11" Mini T5


So far:

Orange Dendrophyllia

Pinwheel Zoa

Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoas

Eagle Eye Zoas


I want to get a few more zoanthids. You really can't see mine in the pic as they're closed and some even hidden (just glued them down). I want the whole rock in the front eventually covered with different types. Other than that, I think it's alright.


There's an urchin (had him for 5 years he's lived in all of my tanks), a pj, and a velvet damsel who currently call this home.

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