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lgreen's 8g


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lgreen's 8g


I just moved into a new place and found the perfect spot for a nano reef on the bar of my kitchen counter. I'm not normally a big fan of all-in-one tanks, but given its location, I'd prefer the clean and self-contained look. After doing a bit of research, I decided to go with the Aqueon Evolve 8 due to its descent quality at a low cost. Plus given its simple design, it seemed like it would be an easy tank to work with in terms of making any needed modifications to make it more reef-friendly. The plan is for it to mostly showcase my two favorite corals...mushrooms and zoanthids/palythoa. At this point I don't plan to keep any fish in the tank, but that's not to say it could never happen.



  • Tank: Aqueon Evolve 8g
  • Lighting: Stock LED lighting (still researching upgrade options)
  • Circulation: Maxi-Jet 900 (in place of the stock pump)
  • Heater: Aqueon 50w
  • Controller: Reef Keeper Lite Basic
  • Biological: 5-10lbs of Caribsea Special Grade Reef Sand & 10-15 lbs of live rock

Modifications (to date)

  • The stock pump is pretty weak (90-100gph) and definitely not adequate. I happened to have a Maxi-Jet 900 sitting around and was able to jimmy that into place using some 5/8" (O.D.) tubing. This increased the flow to around 235gph. I attached the pump to the floor with a single suction cup and I'm not really hearing any rattling.
  • The flare nozzle is not big enough and seems to significantly reduce the flow of the pump. After removing the flare nozzle, the flow produced by the MJ 900 is looking to be adequate and so I don't think it will be necessary to add any additional circulation to the tank.
  • Based on feedback from others with this tank, I think it is entirely possible to keep low light coral with the stock lighting, but it's just too white for my taste. I'm currently trying to find another hang-on-back type fixture that is a bit more blue in color. Strongly considering the IM Skylight 8w 14k LED fixture.
  • At this point, I'm not really planning to make any other modifications. For those who would prefer run a heavier bioload, I think it'd be pretty easy to modify the back compartment (where the filter media goes) into a refugium and possibly place a small skimmer (Gnome/Biocube skimmer) on the right side where the pump is.


  • Distilled water from Walmart
  • Instant Ocean Salt
  • No dosing of any kind


  • TBD











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Great looking little tank in a perfect spot......except for the thermostat, lol. Are you sure your tank and light aren't going to mess with it???

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Thanks all.


I am curious to see what affect the tank may have on the thermostat too haha. I figure worst case it would cause the AC to kick on more in summer and heater less in winter, both of which I can live with more so than if it was the opposite situation haha.

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any updates on this one 7 mos later? I just started an AE8 3 weeks ago and curious how it's going for ya. I also took off the difuser and then this yellow thing inside and found like you said that flow changed dramatically. That's all I need now along w/ my Hydor Kor Nano 240 on the left upper side. really curious to know how it's been w/ keeping parameters where they need to be with a tank like this. As you can tell by my name i'm a first time reefer.

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