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Biocube Fuge?


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If I want to convert the middle chamber of my biocube why do people buy the fuge basket from in tank or put down egg crate, isn't there a false bottom in that chamber already?

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I don't think anyone uses the inTank fuge basket unless they are already using the media basket. The media basket doesn't fit if the false floor is in so... To get macro algae high enough to get any light, you'd need something to hold it up.


Also, I'm not 100% sure all the cubes still have the false floors I know I didn't have the one in chamber one, and I honestly don't remember one in chamber two, either.

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Totally up to you. Many people like to have some mechanical and chemical filtration going on.


The stock sponge is very difficult to get out and clean, so putting filter floss at the top of chamber two is a popular option to replace that. With the media baskets, you can run GFO, actvated carbon, ChemiPure, purigen or anything else or combination you like.

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