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blue/green chromis behavior


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I got two blue/green chromis a week ago. One acts pretty normal. But the other is very strange. He doesnt swim in the water column like the other. It seems extremely stressed and appears to be hiding/hosting in my xenia all day. The normal chromis visits him in the xenia from time to time but spends most of its time swimming out in the open. Anyone see this before? The fish breathes, can swim normal, and eats (although not very aggressively) No other livestock in the tank should be causing stress to him and its been a week of this so any insight would be appreciated. Thank you :)

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There is nothing too unusual about him hiding. Especially since he was just added recently. If you want your chromis to be "out and swimming" more, you may need a few more chromis, or other active, peaceful, schooling fish to draw them out.

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