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This tank is a combination of two peoples efforts!


Started putting together our 30gallon rimless deep blue tank. The tank dimensions are 24"x24"x12"


We are waiting on a few more equipment purchases such as mp10, skimmer, and a new RO system. I also have a few plans to improve the overall appearance of the tank such as hanging my light diagonally over my tank instead of straight across.


We also are using an old wet dry as a temporary sump till i get around to building my fuge. We removed the bioballs a while ago from the wet dry


The tank is about 30 days old now.


We have mixed black and white agronite sand. Its like a mix between fine white sand and some crushed rock.


Got somewhere between 10-20lbs of live rock in the tank.


My only live stock currently is a Hawaiian Halloween Hermit Crab who is feasting away on all the algae that has built up. Hes non stop eating since i put him in :lol:


We will also post pictures as soon as we figure out how to haha


We are also open to all stocking suggestions,advice, and tips.

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so we resized the pictures and here they are.


all the rock and sand transferred and cycling.




the aquascape




We will post the crab later when we get a better picture!

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