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Tank growth


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Ok so a couple of questions. My GSP have been growing beautifully witch is great but is now reached my Zoa area , originally there were good distance between them but now it's touching one of my zoas with only 2 polyps ! So I could move my one Zoa over but in few mouths it will be close to my other zoas anyway ! So my question is what's are options for creating borders for them till everyone catches up !

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hahaha...you dont!


Welcome to the wonderful world of nuisance corals! Your GSP will always grow about 20x faster than about anything else (especially zoas).


your best bet is to try to use a razor blade or credit card to pick up the purple mat the GSP grows on and peel it up. Thats about the only mechanical way of getting rid of it. AiptasiaX will also kill most anything (including most corals) if you apply it directly to the offending spot.


once you get it in control, I would try putting it on a rock where it cant spread at all. giving it any amount of room before it reaches another coral is only postponing the inevitable!

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I had to completely replace one of my rocks being covered with the stuff, the other i managed to curb their spread by making it a base rock and making sure the rockwork overhead formed an overhang all around.

GSP's don't like to grow into the dark.


Allthough I do permit it to grow on the glass where i can easily peal it off when it grows too far. :lol:

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