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snails everywhere!


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Ordered some snails for my 6g fluval edge as I JUST started getting some algae now that my cycle has ended.


They were part of a package and should have been around 13 snails total but I got around 35! I dont have much algae in this tank, Im concerned they'll starve and Ill get an ammonia spike.


Here are some pics of when I dropped them in (this is only SOME of them), they have now dispersed fairly evenly throughout the tank and into the gravel. Any idea if the tank can support a population like this? Currently nothing else in the tank.






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ReefCleaners cleanup crew. :) John is pretty awesome, not stingy at all. However, I understand your concern. You will lose a portion depending on the available food. Try and remove any dead snails. That amount is probably suitable for a mature tank.

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I had the same thing happen when I bought a CUC Reef Cleaners (for my 75g). I got at least 300 (probably a lot more) dwarf ceriths. I've given away at least 200 to local reef club members and I still have way more than I want/need. Personally, I hate clutter, and I think a couple hundred dwarf ceriths on my substrate and glass looks awful. I'd much prefer 1 turbo, a couple dozen nassarius, and maybe a brittle star to take care of my glass, rocks and sand.


I'd say that's too many for a new 6g, but if you're in a local reef club, you'll be able to find someone in your area willing to take a bag full of snails off your hands. In the meantime, you might try crumbling up about 1/4 of a small algae wafer and drop that in there so no one starves.

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