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I am looking for some fans for my tank (125) as it is running a little hot and will only get worse after my cabinet is finnished. Something that moves a lot of air and that I can plug directly into an outlet. Anyone point me in the right direction?

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Thanks but not quite. Not really wanting a clip on, and that is only rated for 40 gallons..... I think I am looking for a pc fan that moves a LOT of air, and has an ac adapter.

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I am putting 1 in the cabinet and one near the sump. No need for in/out as the air coming in will equal the air going out regardless.....


LoL, push/pull with fans still works better than simply relying on nature's hatred of vacuums. That being said, you're right that it's likely overkill for cabinet fans. Particularly if you put the first one in a good spot, like near the top of the cabinet or near the heat source or both.

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Push pull is a waste of money. One or two fans both blowing cooler, dryer air in far exceeds what the push pull does. I experimented for many moons on this subject and have posted many threads on the results over the last 9 years on all the forums.


I use two Vantec Stealth 120mm fans powered by a variable voltage DC, wall wart style power supply so I can vary the fan speed according to the cooling needs. I tried AC fans, smaller, larger, more fans, less fans, in-out, out on top, thermostat controlled, and every other configuration I could think of and what I ened up with works best for my application. The fans are in each end of the canopy, down low blowing in and there are equal sized exit holes in the canopy roof above the reflectors so hot air escapes but light does not. What is amazing is even with the fans off you can feel heat rising out by convection alone.


The Vantecs move 53 CFM each at 28 dBa so evacuate my totally enclosed canopy 10x a minute which is more than enough even when I had 2x250w MH and 2x140w VHO lights in Phoenix in the middle of summer in a house with a digital setback thermostat on the AC so gets a little warm when we are away at work. The tank stayed at 78-79 degrees year round no problem and I was able to sell the 1/4HP chiller and controller.

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