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Starting back up. HELP


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Hey all, after about 2 years, I decided to start my Aquapod24 back up. Today I cleaned it out so well, and going to run freshwater for a few days just to make sure everything is good before converting to salt. I have an upgraded pump (MaxiJet1200) and it seems that the water in the back chambers is just as high as in the display. All the slots on the right are down except for the top one (just above the sponge)


Any ideas how to get the level back down? The pump doesn't seem to be moving nearly as much water as it should be. I appreciate any help! =)

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Faulty pump maybe?


What's your overflow rate? I'm pretty sure the maxijet is only rated for like ~300gph so if your overflow is around that too you'll have similar water levels I think.

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