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Borneman Surge


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I am replacing the really sucky carlson surge o my tank with a borneman (toilet flapper) surge.

I have got most of it down, but i am wondering why I need the U in the tube leading to the tank. Anybody know?


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yes like a siphon. what slickwill613 is saying is the P trap will prevent tank water from siphoning out of your tank, which is pretty unlikely esp if your surge tank is placed higher than your main tank.

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It's there to create slight back pressure on the flapper valve. On a tiny volume of water, such as yours, I'm not so sure it's required. On very large volumes of water, the float isn't enough to open the flapper valve.

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It's just like a toilet, that's where he, Eric, got the idea from, I think???. I saw a vid on this, but I can't remember where. I think its a great idea.


You are putting this on a 5 gal tank?

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Yup. 5 gallons.

And it looks like I might need the back pressure after all; it only opens enough to keep the same amount of water in there all the time.

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