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Coral Vue Hydros

Pregnant bristleworm?


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Spotted this in my tank today (born August 21st) and got a couple pictures.





Skinny at the head and LARGE at the back haha it's just cool to see some life in my tank :)

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The problem is that they don't really get 'pregnant'. When their eggs are mature they release (or become) an epitoke, which is basically an extra section of the worm's body without many of the normal organs which will wriggle away full of eggs to burst and release them elsewhere.


So a fat looking worm is rarely one which is about to reproduce,it's probably just scrunched up, recently ate something large (but given their diet, this is unusual), or you only think it looks larger than it should.

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Interesting...well who knows because I watched crawl for at least 2 inches and it's back stayed in this ball looking form. Would it keep it's back scrunched up like that while crawling? Maybe it just forged itself on food. It's a mystery :huh: Haha

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