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I'm running 150w 14k Phoenix MH and while I love the intensity & color, I still think it's missing something. I'm not getting the fluorescence glow in my corals that I remember getting when I used to run actinics. I.E. I picked up some zoas and they don't have the glow that they did in the LFS display tank (he has mostly LED). Kind of like looking at something under a black light.


So what I need is a recommendation on supplemental lighting as I'm not ready to change out my MH lighting. Either I'd like to run an actinic T5 or an LED setup in addition to my MH that would fit on my ~20" tank.


Any recommendations on an off the shelf or DIY? Normally running a glass lid, not open top. I'm not familar with aquarium LED builds however I am comfortable with electronics. It would need to be in a sleek housing as I don't want my living room looking like a science experiment. I'd like something that isn't going to influence the color of my MH however it can't be drowned out either. That's why I was considering dimmable LEDs so I would have full control. Maybe hook them up to my arduino. :)


How do you guys mount your LEDs? Considering around $150 limit as anything higher and I may as well replace the entire light. Also don't understand the optics.

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