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Boost led typhon controller


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I have Red Sea Max 34 gallon reef tank .Recently converted lighting to led, Set-up consist of 36 Bridgelux 3watt LEDs 50/50 mix 3 Meanwell ELN-60-48P Drivers , Boost Led Typhon controller. I adjusted tho output of the drivers to the recommended output of 700ma set the desired parameters on controller. Upon start up the controller seems to work properly ramps up and down properly ,once the display reads zero across the board the LEDs are still burning I do not know at what percent as display reads zero my guess would be around 20% as the do not come on untill drivers reach 10% has anyone had this problem or know of any possible solutions thanks

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In the last four to six months I did the DYI LED upgrade on my BC29 with the Meanwell drivers and Typhon Controller. I was utilizing two of the four channels. I went thru each channel seperately and set the current just as you did. When I set the display to zero it did not turn off. With my wifes help (Electrical Engineeer) she debugged the LED array as well as the controller itself. She found that I had put too much thermal grease under two of the LED's and was shorting across channels. This was noticable by my having one array running I could see the other array slightly powered.


Good News - We cleaned up the grease and eliminated the short.

Bad News - This short causes the transistors on the 10V PMW channels to blow and no longer "Turn Off" the array. Further any dimming function does not work.


With her help, and the BOM from the typhon controller schematic we were able to buy new transistors and replace them on the typhon board.


Needless to say that was a learning experience on making sure the thermal grease is clean around each LED.

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