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8gallon power head recommendation


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Hi everyone,

I've started my nano tank journey last Saturday.

I currently have:

  • boyu cube 8gallon (32litre)
  • approx 3kg of live rock inside and 2kg of coral sand.
  • 55w heater
  • and the built in filter pumps 240litre max per hour.

My question is, what size power head should i be aiming to get. My mate is telling me 1400-1800l/ph. but isnt that an overkill? i've read 10-20x the amount of water so wouldnt a 300 - 600l/ph pump be more suitable?


The LFS also sold me some Aquavitro eight.four saying if i don't use this my live rock will die, was he just BSing me ?


Here are some pics of my set up so far.








Also I'm pretty sure ive had a bad start.

For starters i used dechlorinated tap water to mix the salt.

the water was like 15o celcius when first started then slowly heated up to 26o.


I hope these errors wont cause too much issues but any advice would be appreciated.



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I'd say 25 to 30 times total turnover is good (twice that for SPS). You also add your return's flow. 1000lph - your returns flow, should get you there.


Yeah, you don't need supplement to keep life on your rock alive.

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sorry to sound completely ignorant but return flow is another pump i need to add ?
No problem, that's just the pump in your back chambers. I see that the Boyu Nano Cube MT-402 has a flow rate of 100gph (or about 375lph).


So you need to add a pump that is more like 400 to 600lph (around 100 to 150gph), or around 1500lph (around 400gph) for SPS.



EDIT: Forget about SPS with that 18W PC light that it has. You'll need to keep corals that have lower light requirements.

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