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Help with full spectrum build?


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I have my AP24 set up as a frag tank and put a DIY led over it. Right now the fixture has 12 Cree XT-E RB and 9 XML NW run off two meanwell 48D drivers. I am using an APEX for dimming control. I bought this fixture used with the plan on rebuilding it.


I also have a diy fixture that i built for my 14g biocube that is coming down. This one has...


6 XP-G R5 CW (I know, they suck! It was before I knew better)

3 XP-E Blue

3 Violet UV


This is controlled with a DIM4, 27D drivers on the RB and W and the Dim runs the B and UV.


I also have the following extra LEDs I can use


5x Turquoise

5x Deep red

2x 420nm violet

6x RB LED strip from nano tuners fixture


Question is what LEDs would you use to build a fixture for the 24g AP? I need to use the DIM4 to control it since the APEX is going to move over to my 40B display. Currently I have the lights dimmed way down and the XML NW way overpower the RB.


I was thinking

6x RB nanotuners strip + 2x cree RB on a 27D, DIM4 channel 1

3x XML NW and 2x Blue on a 27D, DIM4 channel 2

1x Red, 2x Turquoise on DIM4 channel 3

3x Violet UV on DIM4 channel 4


I would like to use the nanotuners strip so I can free up some of my RB for the 40b. Also not sure about the XML with the 2 blue on it, just trying to get 5 LEDs on that drivers so it works. My goal is to have a full spectrum setup that will grow whatever I put in there. Currently has a ton of zoas, softies, some monti, Favias, and a green slimer.


Thanks in advanced!

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