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Need help


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Hi everyone,


my son has a big problem. We are from Switzerland, sorry if i dont know the right words!

The problem is:

My son has bought his first nano reef aquarium. It was a complete set with everything needed.

Dennerle Nano Marinus 60l Plus

He washed the sand and put it in the aquarium. so until now everything was ok.


Hey also bought "lebendgestein", I dont know the english word.... the reefstones with life in them ^^

He put them in the aquarium... now because he was afraid, that everything would die because it would dry out... he mixed an bottle evian water with reefsalt and started to water the stones from time to time...

he stopped doing that a while ago and is now really sad. What should we do? I want do help him!

should i take the stones out and the water too? Or can i let the stones inside and fill it with osmone water + salt?

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Some life in the rocks will die but its not a big problem. Fill the tank with reverse osmosis, de-ionized water, mixed with proper reef salt, and wait a few weeks before adding any fish. No problem.


lebendgestein... I love long german words.

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