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Minor QT screw up...


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I saw something on Diver's Den that I couldn't pass up and ordered it without thinking. Doh!


My Blue Assessor will be at 26 days of QT when the Dracula Goby and Randall's Pistol gets here on Wednesday.


The BA has been eating like a pig every day. Brine, mysis, cyclopeeze and now pellets. It's active and nowhere as timid as when it came out of the bag... I see no obvious medical issues at this time. I'd have rather waited until next Sunday to move him, but...


I know I can't QT them together in such a small tank, and adding the Goby would reset the Assessor's clock so to speak. So the Blue is moving to the DT Sunday night so I can sterilize, rinse and dry the QT Monday and have it ready with new water and filtration by Wednesday...


Do I QT the Randall's Pistol with the goby for the whole month, or just acclimate it to the DT?


QT and DT details are in my tank thread below...

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IMO, no need to QT inverts. Then again, I don't QT fish either (the LFS I get them from actually QTs all their fish). and to everyone who says a QT tank is an absolute necessity. I've NEVER lost a fish to sickness. Jumping, that's another story :D :D

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Its a matter of opinion. If you think they would have a better chance staying bonded then qt them together. I dont see a problem adding the shrimp to the dt now besides them maybe taking awhile to find each other. This is of course more likely to happen in larger tanks.

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The DT is a 29G Biocube, so not overly large.


Oh sorry failed to realize that even though your sig was right there lol I would just qt the fish and give the shrimp a nice salt water rinse before adding, after acclimation of course.

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