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Heater recommendations


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I'm searching for a new heater for my 20g tank. I need a reliable, idiot proof heater; my dad will be looking after my tank in october when temps will go up and down so it has to be easy to see and use.


I was looking at the jager 75w and have read good and bad reviews.


So, any good recommendations?

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Get the jager. I've been using them for 15 years with out any problems.


No matter what heater you get though, you shouldn't rely 100% on what the temperature dial says. Always confirm with a glass thermometer. I know some of the complaints for the Jagers are exactly that even though I've never experienced it myself.


Once you set the temp and confirm it over a couple days with a glass thermometer, there should be no reason for your dad to make any adjustments to it at all.


I've had good luck with Hydor heaters too, although if you read the reviews people seem to have some complaints about these heaters too.

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i have the fluval E series heater with LCD readout. checked the temps on the chiller read out and a IR thermometer and both reads exactly the same as the LCD readout and it was rock solid.

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