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Fish in QT


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I have been reading that many people are QT their fish with some antibiotics.


Do you medicate just to medicate or because you saw something?


Also, my true perc is now in day 7 of Quaranting and he looks to be doing well, got him to learn to eat pellets.


When I just put him in my tank, he had a black spot on the bottom, near maybe where he would poop from, it wans't poop becasue he pooped several times and it was still there but as the days went on, I woudl say by about day 3-4, it was gone.


any ideas what htis might have been?

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Whether or not you treat as a preventative is entirely up to you. I will only treat for ich on every fish, regardless of whether or not I see it. My other treatments, if I do a preventative, will vary based on the type of fish and what they're known to be susceptible to, i.e. a species that is known to get swim bladder infections as a result of depressurization/shipping problems.

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Prophylactic treatment of your fish in QT, to me, is counter productive and possibly harmful to the fish. Reason being is that you have no sign of any infection or injury yet are putting powerful medications into the tank over the QT period that can harm or kill the fish in QT.


That said an initial 5 minute 1 liter to 5 ml ratio Formalin or copper based medication dip followed by a 5 minute methylene blue then 5 minute hypo salinity dip should knock down any attached cysts, parasites, etc. Do it before you put the fish into QT and after you have drip acclimated it to the QT tank water.


As to the spot on your clown... It's a coral sting. Nothing to worry about.

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