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Mantis Shrimp Video


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I'm fairly new here, but I didn't know where else I could share this....I'm laughing my ass off right now.


I was reading a few threads on here and one about a mantis shrimp came up so of course I googled Mantis Shrimp and this was among the results:


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The guy in the vid is an idiot.

No animal likes to be cornered, let alone a mantis with the ability to crack or impale your finger.


Respect is very important for any animal, especially ones that can inflict harm on you.

I can for instance hand feed my G. Smithii, but I only do it on his terms, he has to come to me, I don't try to go to him.

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Hey, that was just a warning blow.

If it really wanted to it could have theoretically killed him by impaling the dudes finger with risk of blood infection setting in if the wound gets contaminated. :lol:


But seriously, Chiragra's are notorious for being one of the more aggressive of the Gonodactylids, not wise to mess with them.

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