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How often should I change out my carbon in my aqueon 55/75 filter?


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I have had my tank up and running for quite some time now and I have changed out my carbon in my Aqueon 55/75 filter about every 2 months. I don't know if I should be changing them out more frequently or should I leave them longer. I have had some people tell me to buy carbon in bulk to cut down on spending $$$ on the aqueon carbon inserts.

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of course bulk is always cheaper. and most of the time better quality. ie. brs.


you should def change it out more often that 2 months. and use the amount they say to use. but if things are fine in your tank, its up to you.

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Spray off the filter pad in the sink with the spray nozzle weekly to remove debris


Replace entire filter cartridge monthly.


I would follow the same if you don't use the brand filter cartridges...spray off filter floss weekly/replace the carbon monthly.

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