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Coral Vue Hydros

Cycling new tank


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Ok, so I've set up a 29g Biocube, and done all the usual modifications (widened space between chamber 1 & 2, added InTank baskets, upgraded lighting to LED (Nano-Box-Reef), installed AquaticLife skimmer, etc). Tank has CaribSea seaflor special grade sand and Marco Rocks dry rock. Added bottle of FritzZyme that came with the Marco rocks, and a 5-pound bag of Ocean Direct about a week ago. Ammonia was added three weeks ago to a level of about 2 or 3.


Wondering if I need to do something different... That was 3, maybe 4 weeks ago (except the Ocean Direct sand a week ago), and no processing of ammonia has occurred. Level is still the same and no nitrite or nitrate is detected. Not looking to rush the process, but also don't want to be sitting and waiting on something that isn't going to happen the way I've done everything so far. Any input? LR rubble, live sand, or is it just a sit and wait game at this point?



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I have heard of people putting a frozen or cocktail shrimp in the tank to boost the cycle and get the nitrifying bacteria working in there.


I used nite-out and prime when I was first setting up my tank. Prime can be a bit pricey, but trust me you will need it in the long run. Both of these will add nitrifying bacteria to your system.


Also, make sure you have everything on and running. the bacteria require a aerated place to grow. having a biowheel or some sort of media in the filter works best for them to grow on.

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I stopped in a LFS and got some LR rubble from the sump of their LR tank. They also suggested a bottle of Microbe-Life Special Blend. I'll watch the numbers over the next week or so and see how it goes. The rubble has to provide some level of bacterial seeding that maybe I didn't have before. i thought between the Ocean Direct sand and the FritzZyme product, that some seeding would occur.

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Ive always seeded my DBR with LR. The die off starts the cycle and will also give you all the life you need in a tank ie amphipods, copepods, filter feeders, bristleworms, snails, starfish. Never once used any kind of additive to cycle. Recently set up a 12gallon NC with 15 lbs of LR and some rubble in the fuge and the tank cycle in 2 weeks. Hope this info helps.

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The tank finally cycled about two weeks ago. Ammonia and nitrites went to zero one day, so I re-dosed the ammonia, and had zeroes again by the next day. Did a big water change to get the nitrates out that resulted from the cycling, and have put in two small clowns and a rock with some Rhodactis mushrooms to see how things go. The clowns are eating (after not doing so for a few days after introduction), taking some frozen Ocean Nutrition food. Going to let it run as is for a little while and see how things go. Planning on weekly 5-gallon water changes, the first of which will be this weekend.

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