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Palys melting/dieing


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Hello everyone, Ive lurked here for a few years but never made an account till now. I've got some darth maul palys that i got from a LFS about 2-3 weeks ago that have done very well now. I notice a day or two ago one of them is closed up and starting to melt. If anyone could help me identify what may be causing this it would be a big help. I've posted pics of it below.


I tested the tank just a minute ago and all the parms are good. I'm out of tests of ALK and MG so i don't know those.



Nirtate- ~0

PH 7.8 and stable


phospates - 0

salinity- 1.025



My livestock includes a helfrichi firefish, a fire shrimp, a pistol shrimp and a few snails so i dont think any of them have been bothering it.


P.S. If I posted this in the wrong place please let me know and ill delete and repost. Thanks!


Its the one pretty much center of the picture, and i think its spreading to the one right behind it.


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