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Question about live sand


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I bought some live sand and used a few lbs of a 10 lb bag. The bag has been opened but folded shut and put away. Would it be bad to use the sand in my DT tank, even though the air tight seal has been broken and it's been sitting in a closet?

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How long do you plan on having it sit before you use it? I had 2x20LBS bags and used all but 5-6LBS on my new build. I wrapped the bag up, as you did, and used the rest a week later to start a small nano for a friend. I dont see the harm as long as it's no long term. How long has your DT been running?

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If it was going to be used to set up a new tank Id say use it because it has to cycle anyway. But if the DT your talking about has been up and running and contains fish/corals, I'd say leave it be.

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Use it up. People freak out way to much about adding sand or dry rock. All you hear about is cycle cycle cycle. I say use it up.


People think if you fart to close to the tank it will cause a cycle. Use the sand you will be fine.

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