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flow for mis bar percula


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Just added the first fish to my tank and i'm worried that there may be to much flow for him. I might just be over concerned because I am eager for him to thrive and do well but figured i'd see what people think. I have a standard 10 gallon with 2 k-nano 240's and a ac20 powering a toms skimmer. Both k-nano's are aimed at the live rock from adjacent sides and it seems like alot of random flow but my new mis bar percula has only been staying to the glass. I did the standard acclimation by floating bag and adding tank water to the bag every 5 minutes till full and them added him to the tank and discarded bag water, took about an hour total. He seems healthy but is kinda hiding in the top corner away from the flow. Let me know what you think, you can see the tank in my link below .

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I really don't think flow is your issue. I run my 10gal flatback hex with an AC50 and a Koralia 425(or is it 450?) and both of my clowns act totally normal all day. They spend all day next to each other, facing the current and one of them even sleep just under the powerhead at night in a pretty decent amount of flow.


You said he was fairly new. When I added my first clown to the tank, he was pretty shy. He spent the first 2 days in the back left corner behind some live rock, only coming out to eat. By the third or fourth day, he was out and about full time at the front glass begging for food. Give him time and possibly a buddy and his confidence should increase.




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