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Mantis shrimp in live rock shipment.


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Hi, Guys.


I thought I'd share some hitchhikers I pulled out of my live rock shipment.


I got three of these little guys.




And several of these crabs.




And here's a peak inside a 50 pound box.




Nice rock, eh?

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Where did you get your rock from? I am looking for a hitchhiker mantis. XD


I buy hundreds of pounds at a time from several different wholesalers. This particular batch was from Bali, Indonesia.

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There are a lot of people on the site that would love to have one of those mantis shrimps I bet.


Yes. The sad part of this hobby is freight shipping. The reason I'm into online live rock retail is because shipping a free mantis shrimp to somebody through Fed Ex priority overnight would cost $80.00.


In time, they may notice my sales and offer me the 44% discount that all the bigger companies get. Until then, I'm selling rock.


$2.00 a kilo in Bali quickly turns into a lot of money by the time it lands at my local airport. CITES permit is another $1.00 a kilo, $150 fuel surcharge, $120 document handling, $10 box charge, $2 a kilo international air freight to US, wholesaler profit, $1.27 per pound air freight to my local airport, and then $20 in gas to drive there and pick it up. But in the end, we still have the best live rock that money can buy. :P

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