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deceased id needed


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Bought some live rock for additional aquascaping. But in my mistake i placed a part aside and forgot all about it. Two days later i found this beside the rock. Unfortunatly it has died ofcourse. Is this a pistol?




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I feel sorry for the little guy. He was 1.5 inch in lenght but i wonder how could possibly hide inside a 1 pond rock without being seen (i have looked and cleaned the rocks carfully)

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They cram themselves in holes. Poor little fella. Most people see them as pests though because they will easily take out all of your CUC members and your ornamental shrimps/crabs. Sometimes even fish, depending on the mantis you wind up with.


I've kept one as a pet myself in a species only tank. They are very smart and unique little animals. At least he isn't in your reef causing havoc, I suppose. They are sometimes extremely hard to catch.

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Well could be in luck (or not) heard some ticking last night. Could be nothing ofcourse, or it could be the mussel (clamb) looking for a better location. Although i hate the idea to remove everything so i'll wait and see if my cuc get missing


I believe the rocks came from bali, but i'm not sure

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I know they are seen as pests. Still.. if he was still alive i would build another reef just for him


Thats how i ended up with mine.

Put in a new piece of live rock last year and was horrified when I saw two glowing eyes peering back at me from a hole. :lol:

Never regretted for a second giving him his own tank. :)

Sad to hear this guy didn't make it though, as they make great and unusual pets.

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