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Sumps and External Pump


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I need some guidance! Here's the deal. I have a sump that I want to use with an external pump since there isn't enough room to fit my eheim 1262 in the sump. How do I go about plumbing this?


Can I simply run a line from the sump to the intake of the external pump, over the top of the sump? Or do I need to drill a hole and insert a baffle? Would running a line over the top of the tank to the pump cause problems in power failure, i.e., the pump isn't primed and can't pull water and burns itself out?


Thanks for any help!

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drill the sump.


having a long pipe/tube for the pump to suck will greatly reduce its output, not to mention the problems you mentioned

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Definetly drill the sump. A friend of mine almost had a fire because of running the pipe over top and the pump running dry due to evaporation.

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Thanks for the reply's. I ended up being able to fit the pump in my sump. I had to take the mounting plate off, and it was a snug fit, but I'll sleep much better now not worrying about getting it to work externally :D

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