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Ever have a fish just vanish?


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I have a couple of fish in my tank and I swear I just lost a clown into thin air! No trace of commiting suicide or anything. I've searched dry and high and can't find him anywhere under rocks or anything! What gives?

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ive lost two clowns in the span of 3 days with no body to be found. i think my cleanup crew along wiht my brittle starfish took care of them quick though. they were sick and i culdnt set up a quarantine in time to get them out

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I have had fish in filters before and heard of them in sumps. Other then that if you have a CUC and he died they might have took care of him for you.

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I lost four threadfin cardinals and never found a single body. If your clean-up crew is good, fish will die and you'll never see a sign of it. It might stink if that's the case, but at least it's taken care of before your tank can be negatively effected by a decaying fish.

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It happens. I had a clown disappear, and I actually did find him in the craziest spot. However, when I kept freshwater I literally lost about 20 different neon tetras on different occasions and then gave up on keeping them.


Just a thought, but do you have a cat?

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