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Spagetti Worm?


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My apologies now for no pictures. This thing is about HALF the size of one of my pinky fingernail CLIPPINGS. From all the pictures I've seen of spaghetti worms, they actually have a long body where all the legs come off of. Perhaps this little fella is too small and I just can't see the body, but this creature just looks like a mass of about 12-15 transparent, hair-like legs that maneuver individually, somewhat like a mini-brittle star would do. Right now I just have liverock in my tank, so I really enjoy leaving the lights off for about an hour, then flipping them on and seeing all the little things I can find. This one was a first, haha.


Its about the size of one of those hydroid jellyfish dudes, but the legs are much longer and don't move the same way they do. Also, they are smooth, unlike those of the hydroids. It dose not have a center of the body, either.


Are there any other creatures that kind of resemble spagetti worms without the main body portion? Or is this what a juvenile looks like? I kind of hope so. I've secretly always wanted one. I hear they're wonderful clean up crew members.

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