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Help me choose a skimmer


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I am setting up a diy 24 x 24 x12 tank with a 20g sump so approximatley 45g of water. Im having a hard time choosing a skimmer. I plan on it being mainly sps with clams. I would like to go a little overkill but not sure how much.I have been looking at the swc extreme 120 or possibly 160, the bubble magus nac6 or nac7 and maybe the reef octopus diablo xs 160. If anyone has experience with any of these skimmers on a 30 to 50g would love to hear about it. Or any other recomendations. I will be posting a build thread for this tank in the near future as the tank and sump are put together. thanks

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that looks interesting my only concern would be the quality of the pump, it says it only comes with a 90 day warranty but definatley somthing to think about thanks

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mine has been running for a year without any problems

awesome, good to know. ive been reasearching these skimmers and they seem to be getting good reviews

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